​​What to expect


We are so excited that you have stopped in!  
​We've been waiting for you! It is not by accident that you have come across us. We believe that every person who walks into this community of fellowship was sent by God himself.  Here at FAITHWAY, we believe that we are truly a place to belong becasue we are from all walks of life joined together by our faitth and love for Jesus. Faithway believes in reaching out to our local communities and to other nations with life transforming truth. Our doors are open and we are here to serve. If you have been thinking, praying, searching, and hoping for a place to belong, we say

Welcome Home!

 There is nothing else like experiencing the Holy Spirit live in action. Take that step today and join us.

Every Sunday at 10 am, and Wednesdays at 7 pm.

Parking Lot- Greeters will help you and welcome you starting in the parking lot. If you have a vehicle full of kids and diaper bags- dont worry- we've got you!  If you need assistance getting to the door, we are here to help.

What to wear- We have no uniform or dress code- except comfort.  Our congregation has a mix of dress. Some like to dress up and some like to come in jeans and t-shirts. Just come as you are, and experience Jesus.

Praise and Worship- Praise and Worship begins service. This is the part of the service that is dedicated to God. We have a live band that carefully selects songs to help you make your personal connection to God by singing and prayer.  All lights are turned down to allow a more comfortable and intimate experience betweern you and the holy spirit. Don't worry about not knowing the songs. Our media team displays all the lyrics on the screen.

Teaching- Pastor Box delivers the uncompromised word of God. His teachings are inspired by the Holy spirit,  come directly from scripture, and are relevent to our everyday lives. They are easy to uderstand and effective when put into practice.

Offering-This is the last act of worship before the end of service.  Tithes and offerings are collected via electronically, and by envelope. It is not a requirement to give. Giving is an act of Love and reverence to God.

Free Gift- Fill out a connection card and hand it into a team member at the welcome center on your way out to collect your first visit appreciation gift. Prefer electronic communication? Fill out the connection card electronically by downloading the faithway app and filling out the " I'm New" section. Then you can grab your gift on your way out.